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Does Allium-Bullet, Cock’s Comb, Alexberry, Glides, Gerbera sound familiar to you? Probably not, so long as you are an avid Anthophile. Well for many of us uninformed lot, these are just a handful of abundant variety of exotic & indigenous flowers that embellishes the wholesale Ghazipur Flower Market every night.

Acknowledging the growing needs of flower traders, event managers, wedding planners, religious devouts in National Capital Region of Delhi, the Government had set-up a designated wholesale flower mandi area to facilitate the inflow, auction & delivery of freshly procured flowers from various states of country (and internationally) with ample transportation, cold storage facilities. Since shifting from its earlier location at Rajiv Chowk (erstwhile Connaught Place) a few years ago, Ghazipur Flower Market has seen a humongous growth & is now considered the largest flower market in North India.

I share my experience visiting the place at 5.00 am. I had visited the erstwhile location of this Flower Market once a decade ago – I was fascinated then & this time I was awestruck by the quantum leap it has taken in terms of the size of the market, the variety of flowers being exhibited, the people visiting the facility & the ancillary infrastructure, industries it supports.

I must admit the entry did look a bit of a stalemate to me but the feeling was soon replaced by one of awe the moment I ventured deeper into the market place. Outlining the market are the merchants selling the items ancillary yet essential to produce those mesmerizing floral arrangements – baskets, variety of intricately woven wires, color sprays, multi-color floral paper & plastic sheets, plant scissors, cutters, colorful scotch tapes, coir thread reels.

As you get little inside, you are greeted by vivid variety of flowers, shrubs, grasses, bushes & leaves. There were carnations, dandelions, tulips, dahlias, calendulas, calla lilies, viburnums, daisies, lotus, jasmine, daffodils, marigold, chrysanthemums, craspedias, ornamental & edible brassica flowers, omnipresent rose in variety of colors, sizes.

Despite the early hours, the market area was bustling with diverse mix (age, gender, religion, sect neutral) of people carrying on high-pitched bidding, negotiations in full swing. I was told that the market begins as early as 12.30-1.00 am every day. As for your early-morning cravings, there are number of stalls inside the market that serve hot ginger tea with pakoras, snacks.

The wholesale market with its elaborate menu of offerings won’t fail to draw you no matter which category you belong to – a trader, an interior decorator with an event management firm, a wedding planner, hotel executive, religious establishment janitor, a florist looking to bulk buy ornamental leaves, exquisite flowers, garlands. In this bustling crowd, you’ll also find Anthophiles, photographers, nature trail enthusiasts – looking to capture the fragrant, flowering sight of Delhi.

Every night truckloads of numerous varieties of indigenous and imported flowers, leaves, figs, grasses, bushes, shrubs make a beeline to this beautiful market. Then there is a self-sustaining cottage industry working within the seams of this market. Here women, men craft beautiful garlands, beads out of fresh jasmine, marigold, lily, rose, anemones for religious offerings, occasional ceremonies, gatherings that reaches the nook end corners of Delhi & neighboring states every day.

Ghazipur Flower Market is indeed a treat for sore eyes and senses.

Quick Tips

  • Ideal time to visit: Anytime between 2.00 to 5:00 am everyday
  • How to reach: Place is on Ghazipur main intersection at NH24 coming from Akshardham side
  • Transport: Cab or own vehicle; Metro doesn’t start until 6.30 am. Autorickshaws always available at entry/exit gate while you leave.
  • Parking facility: Available   
  • Entry fee: None