Pre-requisites for a successful PR narrative

PR is no more an ornate term for publicity & propaganda. Integral to successful PR outcome is championing a range of media to reach out, influence and induce positive affirmations amongst the intended “publics” in a righteous, ethical manner. Let's decipher what else is needed.


5 steps to raise venture funding

Incase deliberated well and brought to action in spirit, the key stages aims to equip an entrepreneur with the requisite Business Plan presentation, executive summary, crisp elevator pitches that is critical to raise venture funding from that an angel investor, an incubation cell or a potential strategic partner.

5-points to plan a retirement fund

As cliche as it may sound, we all know it is inevitable we’ll reach that stage in life when we’ll be dependent on those relations, resources that we’ve struggle hard to preserve, accumulate over years. Are we reassured of a stable income that can meet our basic needs during golden years?

Contemplating Post-Pandemic World Order

Globally, nations lay siege to a momentous question facing humanity - which is sacrosanct, lives or livelihood? Containing transmission of Covid-19 and reviving the economy remains central as I further explore sanctity of multilateral agencies, media reportage in times of "infodemic".